Do you find it difficult to know what color to order?

Hair extensions is offering individuals the best options to enhance their natural hair with added length, volume, and color.
However, selecting the perfect color for hair extensions can be a daunting task for both hairstylists and clients alike.
We hope this guide will provide you help when choosing the right hair extensions for your client's hair.

What about the natural hair?
It is essential to understand the client's hair color. Take into account factors such as the client's undertones, highlights or lowlights. 
This will serve as a starting point for selecting the most suitable hair extensions color that seamlessly blends with their natural hair.

What's their hair goal?
Next, it is crucial to consider the client's desired hair color. 
Determine whether they want to maintain their current shade or opt for a slightly different tone.

Engage in a thorough and personal consultation with the client to really understand their expectations and preferences. Ask them to bring pictures!
Try different lightings and show your client a few color swatches of your choice to make sure they are happy with your expertise.
Do not be afraid to pick out a few options, or maybe how to mix them all together to get that custom pick-feeling.

Still having trouble deciding?
Send us an email of customers hair and preferences and we will get back to you with expert advice!